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The Message of Christmas

With today being December 22, 2012, this year has seen yet another failed human prophesy. Since the ancient Mayan Calendar ended December 21, 2012, many believed the world would end on that day. In 2009, capitalizing on escalating concern, Hollywood created a judgment day drama aptly titled, “2012”. According to one website, the Mayan calendar had a 5,125-year cycle, divided into 144,000-day cycles, ending yesterday, hence the apocalypse scare. However, when you read the writings of those who follow the ancient Mayan elders or the current Mayan shamans, they believe instead of apocalypse, December 21, 2012, ushered in a new age of spiritual enlightenment. This global shift in consciousness and self-realization for humanity supposedly unleashed the snake or feathered serpent deity, Kukulkan, also known as the spirit of the feminine or Mother Kundalini. New Agers believe this “kundalini” or serpent power lies dormant at the base of the human spine, until it is awakened. Transcenden