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  How quickly things change.   Tuesday, we buried my friend, my sister in Christ, my worship ministry partner, a person I greatly loved and admired. And the thing is, everybody felt the same way I did about her. She loved everyone, and everyone loved her. When Kim left this earth, she left a hole in our hearts and a vacancy in our church that only God can fill.   But this morning, as I was reminiscing, praying, and thinking about how to begin August’s newsletter, the LORD gave me a word – PILLAR – and the phrase, “…a pillar in the temple of My God….” [1]   I felt Jesus say to my heart, “Kim is one of My pillars. She shall go out no more. I have written My new name on her and the name of My city – the New Jerusalem.”   Tears escaped and wet my cheeks—tears of happiness for her—and tears of sadness for me and for those who miss her. Kim is seeing our God face to face, something she had longed to do since she met Him. He is keeping her close to His heart because that’s wher