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But We See Jesus – Part Two

Image Jealousy, like poison, ruled their hearts. Although these chief priests and scribes saw the wonderful things He did and heard the joyful squeals of children crying out, “Hosanna to the Son of David,” the blackness in their souls kept them from believing. Envy mixed with rage hurled words like daggers. “We must kill this heretic,” they said.   Satan stood in their midst, snickering. His plan to destroy the Son of God was nearing consummation. Slaying the Son would expel the Almighty, and Satan would be freed from his temporary prison to fully rule earth, its inhabitants, and soon, heaven.   Passover was at hand, and Satan saw his chance when Judas pocketed donated coins. Entering this disciple, he compelled him to strike a deal with the chief priests. For thirty pieces of silver, Judas would betray his Messiah.   Madness tormented as he led the soldiers to Jesus and identified the Holy One with a kiss. Throughout the night, during one sham tr