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The Miracle of Music

The pier at San Juan Island, Washington This was my year of travel. Yet, the only trip I actually planned was my “Cousins” vacation to Seattle this past August. But somehow, I ended up traveling much more than originally intended. In all my travels this year, I encountered many delayed flights, and the return trip from Seattle was the worst. Our flight out of Seattle was delayed so long we missed the connecting flight. No other flights out to Pittsburgh, PA until morning. We had a quick overnight stay and were back at the airport by 4:30am. Salt Lake City to Detroit, then on to Pittsburgh and home. I’m rarely on Facebook, but this morning I came across an intriguing video shared by a friend:   How to pass the time when your flight is delayed .  The video was a group of hip-hop dancers who waited on their delayed flight by dancing in the airport terminal. Using a cool song with great rhythm, they choreographed th