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Fight OR Flight?

Have you ever experienced a threatening situation where you felt you had only two options of response – either stand your ground and fight or turn and run away? According to research, this is an innate physiological response called fight or flight, and the threat can be either physical or mental/emotional.
Although it’s hard to admit, I’m dealing with the emotional kind. This wasn’t a personal assault, but it felt like it. It involved an activity I am passionate about and people I believe I need to protect. This morning, I am writing in real-time, and as I travel through this experience, I’d like you to walk with me.
In the heat of the moment, I wanted to fight, and I might have if the person had been talking directly to me. However, they were speaking to an audience of whom I was one. Like a blast of icy air, their words struck me. The jolt made me furious and after my initial thought of, “How dare you,” everything in me said, “Run!” I almost got up and walked out, though I didn’t. I f…