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Let Those FIERY Darts Fly!

Image Have you noticed how many lies pelt us every day? Lies our ears hear and lies only our heart hears.   Especially now with social media. Mean-spirited people often type something they would never say to our faces, yet we take them to heart and believe the lie.   But sometimes, even lovely comments can be a snag. Though they may be true about our talent or appearance, the enemy of our soul could use them to puff us up with pride. [1] We start to think we are the originator of our looks or abilities instead of our Creator. And on the flip side, these so-called praises could be meant as flattery—someone’s veiled attempt to take us down because of jealousy.   Still, many other lies concerning the world and life, in general, strike when we least expect it. So, we must be watchful, cautious, and on guard against spoken, written, or implied words . But why?   Words affect our spirit. Some are truly edify