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The WORD Became Flesh

     “In the beginning was the Word , and the Word was with God , and the Word was God . ” [1]      The Word , as a double-edged sword, [2] pierced eternity, “Let there be light...” [3]      Thus began the infinite perfection of the eternal, triune God’s d e s i g n . Father, Son, and Holy Spirit had planned and would now bring it to pass. Six days creating something out of nothing, one day of rest, and then the unthinkable. God’s humans chose to disobey His command. Sin and death entered, [4] and the whole of creation groaned. [5] A cloud of darkness enveloped the people of earth like a shroud. [6] Sin had doomed man to death. Would they eventually cease to exist? Was there a way for man to be saved?      God was not surprised by man’s sin. He is all-knowing. His p l a n had many facets, and in time, all would be revealed.      Years passed. God spoke to one man in each generation. His Holy Spirit moved upon this chosen, so they penned God’s Word with metic