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But We See Jesus - Part One

Image I n the past weeks and months, we’ve said goodbye to some very precious loved ones, and our hearts are grieved. Although we know it’s part of life and none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, the seeming finality, loss, and loneliness are overwhelming. The hurt of watching the consequence of Adam’s sin ravish the mind and body, bring disease, and its ultimate penalty—death—crushes us. And we’re left with an ache in our soul that just won’t go away.   Some deal with their looming last day by performing death-defying acts to “cheat” death like it’s a person seeking to drag them to the grave. Others strive to thwart it in different ways, and now, even the elite super-minds have joined the game.   Transhumanism and A.I. (artificial intelligence) are progressing at alarming rates. In fact, Elon Musk and others have called for a six-month moratorium on A.I. development because of the unknown dangers. But transhumanism, “…the merging of tech and human biology,