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Exercising God's Charge for 2020

Every December, I say to myself, “After the holidays, I’m going to lose weight and exercise more.” My goal is that by Valentine’s Day I’ll look the way I’ve always dreamed. I start with a hope and a weak prayer that somehow accomplishing this will make me beautiful. So far, God hasn’t answered that prayer. (Lol) But, when the New Year rolls around, I have trouble, especially if New Year’s Day is in the middle of the week. (I prefer to start a transformation on a Monday.) So, a few days go by, I recall my resolution, and for a second time, determine to make these changes. However, as the cliché goes, life happens. I begin, but then have a hard time remembering to insert them into my daily routine (probably because I really didn’t want to do them in the first place). Soon I find myself wondering why I thought they were so important. Still, weight loss and a more physically fit body are important to me. I know I should not dismiss them. So, once again, I’ll make the effort.