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Blessed Are The Fruit Bearers

Washington Monument - Since our Nation’s 238 th Birthday approaches and we see activists and militants rising, I had thought to write about the coming persecution. However, in my study, the Lord showed me something I never knew. Reading the Sermon on the Mount passage in Matthew 5, because verses 11 and 12 deal with persecution, it suddenly occurred to me, I always saw these as separate people. In my mind, the poor in spirit, the mourner, the meek, those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, the merciful, the peacemakers, and the persecuted, were each unique and distinct. I thought we just needed to find which mold we fit into and that was that. Because Matthew was set in a time before the crucifixion of Christ, I didn’t realize the poor in spirit, the meek, the merciful, etc. become this way by the power of His Holy Spirit. These are attributes of Christ; qualities we cannot sustain on our own.

It Isn't Easy Being Green

The slogan “ Go Green ” has been around for quite a few years and our Muppet friend, Kermit the Frog, is incredibly proud. Going “ Green ” is so popular, hotels are even using it as a way to reduce their amenities. When conversations turn to environmental issues, it seems there is an urgency and fear associated with saving the planet. Celebrities, campaign ads, commercials, newspapers, and magazines all call for us to step up and do our part. We must right the wrongs done to earth and it’s atmosphere or else life as we know it will disappear. We are enticed by hybrid car and home improvement tax breaks and our tax dollars fund government-sponsored ecosystem research.   Not that I am against being good stewards of God’s creation over which we were given dominion, but why such desperation?

Waiting On The Lord

How do we W A I T   o n t h e L o r d ? How do we stay strong, steadfast, and keep the faith when our prayers seemingly go unanswered? In the beginning we pray with strong faith, believing it is God’s will. We expect to see an answer and faithfully watch for His hand to work. When things begin to happen, we grab-on to the possibility that it is at this time and in this way Almighty God is answering with a resounding Y E S ! Excitement builds as we anticipate life finally going our way. But a gnawing inside says, “Be careful, maybe you’re reading too much into the situation.”  Immediately you stuff that thought and chalk it up to a lack of faith. After all, “nothing is impossible with God,” and “He is able” to answer this prayer. It’s not a selfish prayer or something contrary to God’s word. No, it’s a good prayer, a need, and God’s word says He supplies our needs, so why the concern?

Where He Leads, I Will Follow

Traditionally, June is the month for graduation and weddings, each individual or couple setting out on a new experience. The high school graduate out from under the rule and reign of mom and dad can, if they so choose, get a job and move out on their own. Some will work through the summer to save money for the new adventure of college.  On the other hand, marriage is also a new frontier. Most have only observed marriage, whether modeled in the home or on television. Still, they all set out on this journey into the unknown. So, what might you be attempting this summer that you have never done before, or what would you like to do, but are fearful?

A Family Picture

Image Have you ever given much thought as to why God performed major surgery on Adam in order to create Eve? I mean, why didn’t He just take another lump of clay and fashion or build a woman? As I asked the Lord, I believe He impressed upon my heart that the answer is wrapped up in Who He is. He is a Triune God, Three in One. This then, is the main picture we see in God’s creation of Adam, then Eve, taken from Adam, and baby (combination of the two) makes three. Three humans as one; all interconnected with each other. Furthermore, each sibling, although separate from the others, is united with the parents in the very same way. The first family then, becomes a picture, albeit weak, of the Trinity.