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Got Hope?

got hope? Hope waits. Hope trusts. Hope anticipates. Hope longs and expects. Hope is unseen. Have you ever prepared something you couldn’t wait to deliver?  You lovingly create this special item and then rehearse every scenario of the moment it is received.  But when the time comes, things don’t go as planned.  Somehow the delivery was bungled. The timing skewed. The reception less than perfect. What happened?  Nothing went as you had imagined. Now you’re left with great disappointment; dreams deflating like a leaky balloon. All your hopes, poof – gone in an instant. Aww, such is life, my mother would say. But why? Is it because we are temporal and our life, in its best state is but a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away? [1] Is it because we live in a sin-cursed world where everything groans, awaiting the revealing of the sons and daughters of God? [2] Possibly. But thankfully, we cannot see the future.  If we could, chances are