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Do You Need A HELMET?

Fall leaves anthony-lee-zZ-G8iQOwa8-unsplash   Wind whips. Leaves swirl. And just like that, we’ve arrived at fall—the season for pumpkins, cornstalks, multicolored mums, and trees displaying God’s handiwork in the most glorious shades of reds , golds , oranges , and browns .   And…it’s the time of year believers are more keenly aware of evil swirling around us. I’m not talking only about the creepy Halloween decorations, but also the evil we can’t see but know is there. You know, the thing horror movies use to saturate patrons with fear.   Yet writers and producers have no idea what they’re really dealing with—they think it’s all in fun—Oooo, ghosts and goblins and ghouls! Oh my!   Still, fright creators and those who attend for the thrill seem to be taunting the devil and his minions. Why—to force a paranormal event? Do they think it exciting to see a disembodied spirit? Or maybe they need to prove Satan doesn’t exist?   Horror enthusiasts know nothing of who or w