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If God Is Love

     Have you ever had someone ask the question, “ If God is love , why does he allow suffering in the world?” Of course, you have because this is the classic question non-Christians pose to the true believer.      When this happened to me recently, I thought I had a good answer with something I heard on Moody Radio, “God doesn’t cause suffering. People make people suffer.” The statement made sense on the radio program, but that day it sounded weak. Thankfully, the person seemed satisfied, and the conversation ended. Later, I thought of the many things I could have said.      About a month later, a close family member shared an article on Facebook; The American Life is Killing You by Erik Rittenberry. [1] Because I love the sharer, I read the article. It was gloomy, and in the reading, I could feel despair, hopelessness, and suffering.      The writer began with a quote from new-agey-type author, Graham Hancock, and then spoke about consumerism, how we strive all our