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  Here we are at the beginning of a new year, some blanketed with snow and ice as they are every winter. In my lifetime, I’ve seen milder winters and some that are fierce, but all in all, things have stayed the same . The earth God created has been going through cycles since the worldwide flood of Noah’s day. And even though we hear experts warn of global warming, nothing really has changed, except the fear and lies the climate-change propagandists spew.   You might remember when these fear-mongers blasted out news of a tear in the ozone layer and another ice age. When that didn’t work, they changed their story to global warming. Many Creation scientists strongly disagree. So, don’t buy into this ploy of the “elites.” They want us common folks, whom they deem “useless eaters,” to live in fear because that way, we’re easier to control.   However, true believers in Jesus Christ know this is not our home. Heaven is! And this is why our LORD placed eternity in our hearts. [1] He