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This is Christmas!

Image As his knee touched the ground, the soldier bowed his head, knowing the battle could not be fought or won in his own strength. The burden heavy and the task grueling, yet whispered prayer escaped his heart, and an unseen joy surrounded him, lifted the load, and encouraged his spirit.   He stood, and as he did, light from somewhere bounced off his golden armor. It hit his helmet, then his breastplate, traveled from shield to belt, and down to his shoes. Finally, it landed on the sword dangling at his side. Feeling the need to unsheathe, he heard scraping metal pierce the silence. Flashes flickered with every move. And holding this sword high and lifted, [1] the Word he needed filled him.   Moving forward, the bulk of his armor disappeared, but he knew it was there—he felt God’s power. Approaching the battle, more of the Word came to mind. Then sensing the LORD of Glory before and behind, he stepped toward the anguish-str