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Nisan - The Beginning of Months

Image Most of us celebrated Resurrection Day on March 31, 2024, commemorating the AD 32 Passover events—the crucifixion, burial, and resurrection of Yeshua Jesus, our Jewish Messiah. Interestingly, Israel was celebrating Passover as I began writing this week. According to, “The Jewish Passover began Monday, April 22 nd , at 7:34 p.m. EST and ended Wednesday, April 24th, at 8:29 p.m. EST.” However, they celebrated with heavy hearts this “…night of solemn observance to the LORD for bringing them out of the land of Egypt…” [1]   Almost 4,000 years ago, in the Jewish month, Nisan , aka Abib, YHWH – the I AM Who I AM – the only True and Living God, who is Three, yet One, miraculously passed over the Israelites who had the BLOOD of a lamb spread upon the doorposts and lintel of their homes, while He killed the firstborn of Egypt. Why did God do this? So, Israel “…may know that the LORD does make a difference between the Egyptians and Israel…so that My wond