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ARCHANGELS – A Story of The Incarnation – Part 2

       Gordon kept the throne room doors open on the off chance I might need him. Our voices had echoed down the long hall and into the palace great room. More angels heard the commotion, and word spread throughout Heaven. Now, angels of every rank crowded the doorway and began spilling into the throne room. Even Randall, my armor room supervisor, had made his way to the front and stood alongside Gordon. Eyes gleamed, and smiles exploded when the angels grasped the reason for the gathering. The Sovereign LORD was about to reveal his mysterious plan hidden since before the foundation of the world. For this moment all Heaven had waited. The angels couldn’t contain themselves, and they rushed in. But the frontrunners braked, and the others plowed into them when they learned God, the Son, would be leaving. The throne room became like a theater audience before a show. Chatter and indistinguishable words filled the air as they, too, tried to dissuade him. “Enough,” boomed the Almighty.

ARCHANGELS - A Story of The Incarnation - Part 1

The silver mist dissipated as I soared through the barrier between the second and third heavens. “Ahh, there it is,” I whispered. “Home.” Ivory Palace gleamed with the presence of the Almighty who lights all Heaven. The translucent gold of Glory Street reflected on the Trees of Life, and together with the rippling flow of the river, they soothed my weariness. In the distance, I spied my armor room, and my heart sank. I’d been on Earth with the angel troops and guarding Israel for what seemed eons. But being back made me long for the days before Lucifer’s or rather Satan’s rebellion. “Water under the bridge, Michael,” I said, swooping onto the threshold of the Ivory Palace. My wings folded neatly in place as the mammoth doors swooshed open. “Angels,” I said, greeting those in attendance.   “Chief Prince Michael, Sir,” said senior angel Gordon. “To what do we owe this honor? We weren’t expecting you this soon.” “The LORD summoned me.” “Of course, Sir.” “Gordon, walk with me.”