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What Can I Give?

“What can I give Him?” For days, these words have been roaming around in my head along with the rest of the line, “give Him my heart.” They were driving me crazy, because I couldn’t remember from where they came, so I had to do some research. What I found surprised me. These words are in the last stanza of a poem written by Christina Georgina Rossetti, born December 5, 1830. Historians are not sure when Miss Rossetti penned them, but believe it was before 1872.

The Wonder of The Incarnation

Image The countdown continues and we find ourselves rushing toward our Christmas Day finale. But, has the busyness of Christmas kept you from truly experiencing the w o n d e r of the Incarnation – Emmanuel – “ God with us ” ? I know it’s difficult with all the shopping, baking, cleaning, and decorating, to stay focused on this amazing t r u t h . So, let’s take a few minutes, right now, to reflect on this glorious w o n d e r . Incarnation , it’s such a complex word. Nevertheless, it speaks of the moment God, who is Spirit, stepped from eternity into time, into our world, becoming one of us in the person of Jesus Christ. He did this to pay the death penalty for humanity’s sin, because of His great love.

The Spirit of Christmas

It’s December and the  s p i r i t  of C h r i s t m a s is everywhere. This is the time of year when people are concerned about being “ n a u g h t y or n i c e ” and they try live out the one portion of scripture that no one seems to oppose, “ peace, good will toward men ” . Lately, I have been reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis. If you have ever read this Christian classic, then you know Lewis talks about a knowledge that is inherent. I believe it came as the result of sin. Our first parents, Adam and Eve, disobediently ate of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and their eyes were opened. Where they once knew only God and purity, they instantly had an understanding of good and evil, right and wrong. Now everyone born from Adam is born with a sin nature and this knowledge. (Rom. 5:12).

Our Greatest and Priceless Gift

Image The race is on! We’re streaking toward the finish line of D e c e m b e r 2 5 t h and I’m already starting to panic. My calendar is full, the hours left are short, and I’m not quite sure I will make it. I started out really well, with plenty of time to spare. My daughter and I braved the howling storm and sea of people on “ Black Friday ”. We were among the m i d n i g h t c r a z i e s at Walmart, doing the all-night shopping thing. Infused with caffeine and adrenalin, we sped from one end of the store to the other and got some decent deals. However, what seemed to be suitable gift ideas in the excitement and haste of early dawn, once home, turned out to be not-so-wise choices. For one special item, I stood in a three-hour line that snaked through several aisles. While I waited, I had an opportunity to observe the people around me. Each person was cordial, courteous, pleasant, and helpful, but completely absorbed in their own shopping needs. The