It's Christmas, But Easter Is Coming

Another Christmas season is upon us and at least for northeastern Ohio, our weather has done its best to cooperate. With a snowy wonderland outside, my home has a different feeling. I can’t explain it, but there’s an unusual quiet and calmness not present at any other time. Peering through the window at the deep snow stirs within me a momentary vision:  A cold winter night, a crackling fire, steaming hot cocoa and no other light except that of my twinkling Christmas tree.

Then in a flash, my dream is gone, because Christmas is full of necessary activity.  Shopping, cleaning, baking, wrapping presents and holiday parties are all a part of the excitement of Christmas and what makes this season fun.

Nevertheless, as true believers, our activities take on a deeper meaning and a much more rewarding conclusion. This happens because we have the added dimension of knowing why we celebrate and why we give and receive gifts.

We owe it all to the One who gave the ultimate Gift.

Sadly, a growing number of voices cry, “Weak-minded Christians invented the idea of this Gift. It’s not needed.”

However, if we believe God’s Holy Word, then we know they lie. The truth is everyone desperately needs this Gift, because all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. As though etched in granite, the penalty for our sin is permanent. Only death and utter separation from God await us. Left on our own, we cannot reverse it – we must pay.

Still, just because some do not believe this fact is true, does not make it false.

I realize death is not a pleasant topic and it is certainly not something we normally discuss at Christmas. Nevertheless, it’s the reason we celebrate.

Someone sinless came to pay our sin penalty and die in our place.

God becoming flesh and dwelling among us in the person of Jesus Christ – Immanuel, is the reason for Christmas.  But why did He come?

Jesus was born of a virgin for the express purpose of dying.

He lived among us for thirty-three and a half years demonstrating a life pleasing to God. Then at Passover or Good Friday to us, He fulfilled a mandate our Triune God established before laying the foundation of the world.

While we were yet in sin, Christ Jesus died for us. In this, God demonstrated His great love.

Even so, there’s more good news:  Jesus did not stay in the grave. On the third day, the day we know as Easter, He arose from the dead. He then ascended to heaven. Now He lives forever to make intercession for us. And Jesus is coming again, but only for those who truly believe and have received His Gift.

When He returns, true believers will meet Him in the air, but for the rest it may be too late. However, it’s not too late now.

So, throw off the world's lies and receive this priceless Gift of God, because it's Christmas and Easter is here.

Have a very Blessed Christmas!


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