Spectacular Design

I’m sure by now you’ve heard 2014 is the Chinese “Year of the Horse”. Well, February (at least in the United States) is the “Month of the Heart”. From the first day of February almost to the last, hearts in hues of reds and pinks saturate our senses. Love is truly in the air.

Did you ever wonder why we associate love with the heart? I mean, our heart muscle really has nothing to do with falling in love and it only vaguely resembles the Valentine “heart” image used since the Middle Ages.

One reason could be the heart is the center of our anatomy, just as love is the center of our emotions.

Nevertheless, have you even thought about your heart lately or considered its spectacular design?

It is four, unique chambers pumping ceaselessly in perfect rhythm, distributing life-blood to all parts of our body and we never think about it until there is a problem.

“I will praise You, [O Lord] for I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” (Psalm 139:14)

The heart muscle that cleanses our blood and makes sure we awake each morning, works silently, behind the scenes.

But did you know, without one tiny ingredient this heart muscle and for that matter, our whole body, would be just a mass of separate molecules?

What ingredient, you ask?

According to Answerbag, in 1979, Timpl and Martin discovered, isolated and viewed the protein, cell-adhesion molecule in humans. Researchers learned this molecule, named Laminin, links our cells together so they work properly. Without this molecule, we would literally fall apart. In 2008, Bible teacher, Louie Giglio, called it the glue of the human body.

If Science has viewed Laminin, are there images of this amazing molecule? Yes! 

This is an image of the actual molecule, but below is the scientific schematic: 


When nothing else existed, our Three-in-One God existed. He created all things out of nothing, whether visible or invisible, and He holds everything together, including us. (Col 1:15-22)

While science would argue this is not proof positive of intelligent design, I think it is just like our God to give us such a beautiful picture of His amazing love, mercy and grace, along with His stamp of ownership and signature of creation.

So, when your world is falling apart all around you, try to remember this image, your spectacular design, and the great, great love of God.

It was while we were still in our sin that Christ died on the cross for us. He holds your life-breath and owns all your ways. Trust Him with your heart, because he also holds it in His hand. (Romans 5:8; Mark 10:45; Daniel 5:23; Proverbs 21:1)


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