One Blood

“Oh, give THANKS to the Lord, for He is good! For His mercy endures forever.”[1]

Recently, I’ve come to realize I’ve lived a somewhat sheltered life with regards to Thanksgiving. Oh, I’ve learned of our nation’s history and read some of the pilgrim’s writings, yet my research, until now, has been from the settler’s point of view.

Quite by accident, I came across an article from the website: The author, Thomas A. Ferguson, called our white, European American idea of the first Thanksgiving a view “…based on the mythological concept and approach Western minds have when dealing with the various Native Populations.”[2] He paints an extremely condescending and contemptuous picture of the Pilgrims assuring us the Native American does not view this holiday with the same love and fervor we do.

Mr. Ferguson touts the civility and honor of Native Americans. He states, “We learned from the wisdom of our elders to thank the Creator for; Mother Earth... Father Sky...Grandfather Moon... our Uncles the Four Winds...our Cousins the Stars, and...our Brothers and Sisters the animals.” This writer goes on to explain, “The Algonquins believed that humans were not distinct from or superior to nature, but rather part of nature. We also believe that animals could take human form.” They thank the strawberry, the tree spirit, and “…honor the animal spirit, who laid down its life in order for the people to go on…It is said, when the Creator created the Universe, ‘He placed his hand on the Whole thing... so everything is spiritual.’”[3]

I don’t doubt the natives were civil, moral, and honorable according to their culture. But, did you recognize this as nature worship? It originated at the tower of Babel and spread to all parts of the world when God confounded the languages and then divided the earth in Peleg’s generation[4]. This religion has continued for millennia with only territorial revisions. It sounds beautiful and spiritual because it is inspired by the angel of light, Satan.[5] Yet, it’s contrary to God’s Holy Word and will not lead the worshiper to salvation.

When God completed His creation, He did say it was very good.[6] But then, SIN happened. Now, every human born from Adam is born with a sin nature.[7] God “…has made from one blood every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined their preappointed times and the boundaries of their dwellings, so that they should seek the Lord…”[8]

From one blood? God created Adam. From Adam He formed Eve. Then, from these two all humans were born. Different gene combinations create different skin tones, body types and facial features. But ONE BLOOD HUMAN – tainted with SIN.

Sin inspires arrogance – one people group believing they are superior to another. The result:  The idea the so called inferior group is less than human. This thinking is the epitome of evil.

All atrocities perpetrated upon mankind are the product of SIN.  So do I see tragedy in our Nations’ history of control and enslavement of Native Americans and African Americans? Yes, absolutely. Yet, I also see the good Almighty God has produced from each tragedy.

The Lord brought salvation to this continent because of His great love. Today we see born-again humans of all colors and ethnicities. This is God’s true church. In it He is pleased to embrace and inhabit exuberant or quiet praise and thanksgiving.[9]

God created us from ONE BLOOD. He chose the time in which we live and where. Can we by political correctness and apology change the anger the Native or African American feels about their respective histories? No, but the gospel can. Receiving Jesus changes the heart and where a person spends eternity. So, let’s give God thanks AND spread the Gospel. Sin will try to hinder, but you overcome it with good.[10]

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