Explanation of The Shack Critique

I was first made aware of the 2007-2008 best-selling book, THE SHACK, by a co-worker, who stated, “This is the best book I have ever read.” I accepted the book and took it home to read because the cover listed raves reviews by Eugene Peterson, the author of The Message, and Michael W. Smith, Christian recording artist. Nevertheless, it sat on my nightstand for weeks and for some reason, I couldn’t bring myself to read it. The day I decided to return the unread book to my co-worker, I received a letter and monthly catalog from Southwest Radio Church. The correspondence read, “The Shack” teaches New Age thought.

“Ah-ha!” I thought, “Now I know why I couldn’t read this book.”

The Holy Spirit had kept me from reading until I could be warned of the errors within. Then He gave me the desire to read as an exercise in discernment.

As I read The Shack, not only was I horrified by the blasphemy, but I found my co-worker had underlined, highlighted, and starred statements in this book that were disturbing to say the least. Continuing to read, I was appalled at the lies, half-truths, and speculations made about our God. I did realize this book was supposed to be fiction, however when you take real characters [i.e. Abraham Lincoln] and put them in fictional situations, giving them fictional words, you confuse truth and those reading – something the enemy of our souls delights in.

When I got to about chapter five, I felt the Lord say to my heart, “You need to write this down.” So, I reread from the beginning documenting the major errors and the scriptures the Lord gave to refute each error. It took me at least two months to finish.

Of course, this was in 2008 when The Shack paperback was all the rage. At that time, I sadly discovered many in my church had read the book and loved it. Once I typed up the errors with the scripture references, I distributed this critique to a few interested individuals and then the Lord prompted me to mail it to area church pastors, some, of whom I learned, were using The Shack as a Bible study.

At the same time, Southwest Radio Church offered a DVD entitled, “The Death of Discernment” by Eric Barger, an apologist I had the privilege to hear in person at the Ohio Christian Education Association Conference in Akron, Ohio, several years earlier. I purchased the video and was further enlightened.

It’s my opinion everything we read teaches something and affects us in some way. I also know some have been comforted or helped by reading THE SHACK, but the end does not justify the means. PS. 11:1-3 “In the Lord I put my trust, how can you say to my soul, ‘Flee as a bird to your mountain’? For look! The wicked bend their bow. They make ready their arrow on the string, that they may shoot secretly at the upright in heart. If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

After I wrote and distributed the critique, I thought this was over. But now Hollywood has made it a movie. People who won’t read the book will see the movie.

Listen, just because The Shack is fiction does not mean it won’t affect your understanding of who God is. It plants subtle lies to undermine and suppress the Truth of God in unrighteousness.

Teaching the Holy Word of God is the spiritual gift the Lord bestowed on me. The enemy was strong in this book and I literally fought and prayed my way through it. The Shack sought to change what the Lord had already taught me through the Truth of His Word.

I am hoping I am not too late posting The Shack Critique (see separate page on this blog).

I have only been called to inform of The Shack’s error to keep many from being deceived. Please use the critique as reference guide whenever there is a question regarding THE SHACK. Yet, what you do with this information is between you and Almighty God.

I love you all in Christ Jesus,


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