Then You Shall Know

Are you facing something daunting? Something you know you can do, but one little bobble could thwart the whole thing and keep you from achieving your goal. Maybe it’s a task you need to complete or an ability test that will take you to the next level in accomplishment. Is it a speech, a project, or an idea to pitch? So many activities in life require excellence, a body honed to perfection, a focused mind, incredible speed, or years of study.

On the other hand, you know you are capable. You’ve done all the essential preparatory work. You’ll try your best, but nerves may spoil your performance, make your mind go blank, or worse, sweaty palms and a queasy stomach. You resolve to push through whatever happens, yet apprehension and anxiety consume your thoughts and you just need breathe.

But maybe your test is over and now you are waiting for the results. Your mind has reviewed every detail, every word uttered, and every move you made or didn’t make. I should have said or done this or that. Why didn’t I? I don’t know. Each minute that passes seems like days, and the days, well, like years. The wait is oppressive and normal function is almost impossible. Sleep is your only escape, but sometimes not even then. Bizarre dreams disturb you and if not dreams, then the moment your eyes open in the morning, it’s back.

Friend, whatever your struggle, lift your eyes to the hills. Why? This is just another way of saying look up – up to the heavens – the dwelling place of Almighty God. He is the source of our help and He is the strength of our life.[1] If it is agility you need, “The Sovereign LORD…makes [your] feet like the feet of a deer, He enables [you] to tread on the heights.” [2] 

If it’s a speech, a pitch to your boss, or a paper that needs written, oh please remember who made your mouth? God says…Have not I, the Lord? [3]

Moreover, when a man’s ways please the Lord, not only does He make your enemies to be at peace with you[4], He will not allow your foot to be moved. Our God keeps us. He does not slumber or sleep.[5] He watches over us, gives us rest, and encamps all around those who fear Him.[6] The Lord is our keeper and the shade at our right hand. When we listen and trust the Lord, He shelters us from evil. He preserves our soul…our going out and our coming in and He does it from this time forth, and even forevermore.[7]

It is God Almighty, the Sovereign King of the Universe, who holds your future[8] – trust Him to work all things together for your good[9]. If He answers your prayer with a no or not yet, it may sting and hurt for a while. But know this, as you continue to turn from the counsel of the ungodly and not be led astray by unbelieving or scornful people, but you delight yourself in His Holy Word, He is working. This Glorious Lord will make you like a tree planted by fresh, abundant, flowing water. Your roots will spread through the moist, nutritious, rich soil and you will grow. Your full and succulent leaves will not wither and you will bear fruit at the right time. So the Lord will bring you success and help you to prosper.[10]

“...Then you shall know that I, the Lord, have spoken it and performed it…”[11]

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