Seven Days of Prayer - Day 5

Oh LORD, my God, it feels as though we are living in the days of Noah,[1] and in the days of Lot.[2] People are angry, frustrated, and in defiance because of the orders from our governmental leaders. Others are the opposite—these are working tirelessly to ensure our safety.

Father, we are facing what is humanly unknown, and yet it is not unknown to You. You alone reveal deep and secret things. You know what is in the darkness because light dwells with You.[3]

Every day, O Most High, people are dying, and until this VIRUS, I rarely considered them unless it was one with whom I was familiar. Father, forgive me. I abhor myself and repent in dust and ashes.[4]

However, this day You, Lord, have opened my eyes to the plight of humanity. And our plight is not the coronavirus, it is the condition of our soul.

There is coming a day when every human will be faced with Your question, “What did you do with Jesus?”

He was God in the flesh, who was led as a LAMB to the slaughter. He opened not His mouth to protest because He willingly went to the cross for us.[5] He was beaten by many and flogged with a whip containing hooks to tear the flesh.[6] His visage, His appearance was marred more than any man.[7] He was mocked and crucified—nailed to a cross.[8] It was here, God, the Father laid on God, the Son, the iniquity or sin of us all.[9]

And He did it ALL for us because of LOVE.[10] Thank you, O LORD, my God, for Your great Gift.[11]

Nevertheless, Holy God of Glory, many are dying without knowing this about Jesus, and if my heart breaks for them, how grieved are You. So Father, move Your hand this day. Open the eyes of the spiritually blind. Send Your Holy Spirit to draw all men to the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is being lifted up in this prayer. Across our nation and around the world people are remembering the day Jesus Christ was crucified. So, Lord move mightily and draw them as Your Word says, “And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself.”[12]

In Jesus’ name, Amen and Amen.

So, let me ask, what will you do with Jesus?

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