Do You Need A HELMET?

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Wind whips. Leaves swirl. And just like that, we’ve arrived at fall—the season for pumpkins, cornstalks, multicolored mums, and trees displaying God’s handiwork in the most glorious shades of reds, golds, oranges, and browns.


And…it’s the time of year believers are more keenly aware of evil swirling around us. I’m not talking only about the creepy Halloween decorations, but also the evil we can’t see but know is there. You know, the thing horror movies use to saturate patrons with fear.


Yet writers and producers have no idea what they’re really dealing with—they think it’s all in fun—Oooo, ghosts and goblins and ghouls! Oh my!


Still, fright creators and those who attend for the thrill seem to be taunting the devil and his minions. Why—to force a paranormal event? Do they think it exciting to see a disembodied spirit? Or maybe they need to prove Satan doesn’t exist?


Horror enthusiasts know nothing of who or what they provoke because the enemy of our soul has blinded their minds.[1]


But we know…


They’re demons—rulers of the darkness of this age—spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.[2] And if movie-goers ever had a full-on encounter with even a lower-ranked evil one, they’d run and try to hide.


However, there’s no hiding from spiritual beings who see in places physical beings cannot.


Just ask the demoniac of Matthew 8:28-34. He was possessed by a legion of demons who controlled his mind and held him captive. With supernatural strength, he roamed the tombs naked, broke any chain that bound him, and terrorized the townspeople.


Do you think he ever imagined this would be his end-state when he began his journey into darkness? He probably started with a “fun” experiment with evil—for the thrill. But when that became bland, his sin-nature enabled a demon to lure him into more intense wickedness. And at some point, the demon entered him and invited friends.


When humans think evil is imaginary or that the spirits are benevolent, they’re hooked. Yet evil is neither—it’s real—and the thrill of fear or fright is as addictive as drugs or porn—because a powerful fallen angel inspired it. And with each sinful thought, portrayal, or act, Satan receives the worship he craves.


Evil is anything against the TRUTH of God’s word and comes in many forms. Most often, it comes to us appearing good, but compared with Scripture, there’s subtle underlying evil—like a Disney movie cloaking witchcraft with beauty. Or movie classics like The Wizard of Oz and the so-called “good” witch of the north.


It can also be a desire to get healthy and fit, joining the local Yoga class or, worse, attending “Christian” yoga at a church.


Yoga originated as the worship of false gods.[3] Each pose worships a different Hindu deity—who, by the way, are all Satan in disguise. You may not know it, but he does. Yoga aids in achieving an altered state of consciousness or meditative state to contact your spirit guide. This bypasses your conscious mind, your God-given barrier that allows you to discern good and evil and then to reject the evil by holding onto the good.[4]


These are just a few ways humans open themselves to demonic oppression. And when they do, the angel of light is most accommodating.[5] He’ll provide the desired pleasure until he captures his prey.


Jesus came to set captives free and give sight to the blind—to any who will believe and receive Him as Savior and Lord.[6]


Sadly, many reject this Gift of Salvation that His arm alone provided.[7] And darkness devours because their mind is left bare and unprotected.

But ours isn’t…


The moment we believed Jesus and His Gospel—the POWER of GOD unto SALVATION[8]—God’s Holy Spirit placed a HELMET called SALVATION upon our head to guard our mind and open our spiritual eyes for discerning evil in all his deceptive schemes.[9]



                I have my HELMET.

                        Do you?        

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