But We See Jesus - Part One


In the past weeks and months, we’ve said goodbye to some very precious loved ones, and our hearts are grieved. Although we know it’s part of life and none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, the seeming finality, loss, and loneliness are overwhelming. The hurt of watching the consequence of Adam’s sin ravish the mind and body, bring disease, and its ultimate penalty—death—crushes us. And we’re left with an ache in our soul that just won’t go away. 

Some deal with their looming last day by performing death-defying acts to “cheat” death like it’s a person seeking to drag them to the grave. Others strive to thwart it in different ways, and now, even the elite super-minds have joined the game.


Transhumanism and A.I. (artificial intelligence) are progressing at alarming rates. In fact, Elon Musk and others have called for a six-month moratorium on A.I. development because of the unknown dangers. But transhumanism, “…the merging of tech and human biology, also known as the singularity,”[1] continues. In some cases, it seems good—helping those who have lost limbs to control a prosthesis with their brain. However, many globalists have a much more sinister agenda. Why? Because they know as we do the human body is an earthly tent.[2]


Rejecting God’s truth, the transhumanist goal is to hack the brain and eventually find a way to transfer the human psyche into an indestructible android body. Then voilà—eternal life without Jesus Christ.


Sounds like science fiction or just make-believe, yet it’s not. A.I. advancements are scary. And their rapid forward movement seems unstoppable. But before you start to fear, remember our Sovereign God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden so they could not access the Tree of Life and live forever in their sin.[3] I don’t believe transhumanism’s ultimate plan will come to fruition until after the rapture. It’s during the seven-year Tribulation—when God pours out His wrath—that Antichrist and the False Prophet will utilize it.[4]


So, understanding Scripture when God calls our human body a tent is crucial. Our LORD God breathed into us a soul and spirit—our true essence—it’s who we are—and this is the part affected by sin. Our human body follows the dictates of our mind.[5] Without the soul and spirit, the body is a shell and a weak one at that—it gets sick and dies. When this tent wears out, our soul and spirit depart for heaven or hell, and the body returns to the dust from which it was made.[6]


This is why the resurrection of Jesus is so vital. Had Jesus, God, in flesh, not come from heaven to die on the cross and pay sin’s penalty, we would be without hope—no possibility of heaven. And because of sin, our true essence would be held captive by Satan for eternity—in hell and, eventually, the lake of fire that God created for the devil and his angels.[7]


However, God never intended humans to enter this eternal punishment. And although He foreknew those who would, He still allowed us free will.


But we see Jesus, who was made a little lower than the angels, for the suffering of death crowned with glory and honor, that He, by the grace of God, might taste death for everyone.”[8]


It’s our choice. Jesus suffered death and paid sin’s penalty for us, but we must believe and receive Him into our hearts.[9] The moment we do, we are saved—delivered from a fiery eternity to await resurrection—changing our mortal body to immortal—when Jesus raptures His church.


This is what takes the sting out of death. And if our loved ones also believed and received Jesus, then we know we’ll see each other again—for the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.[10]


So, please, see Jesus and choose life.

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