Why Should We Study the Old Testament?

For me, studying the Old Testament is like solving a mystery. This is because the Old Testament contains the same lessons, promises, and warnings as the New Testament, but somewhat encrypted or hidden. When the Holy Spirit unlocks the treasure, we see shadows, types, and pictures of God’s plan for the ages fulfilled in our Lord Jesus Christ.

How do I know this? I rely on scripture, because it originated with God. He is the Author and He says He does not change.  Then comes Jesus, God the Son, no less authority. He said Moses and the Prophets wrote of Him. Since Moses penned the first five books of the Old Testament, and the prophets essentially wrote the rest, I know we can trust its words.

In Romans 15 and I Corinthians 10, God said things happened to Israel as examples, written for our instruction and learning.

If this is true, and I know it is, then we can learn much.

But where should we begin? Should we start with creation in Genesis 1 and 2? Should we discuss Genesis 3, the fall and God’s first sacrifice in the Garden to cover Adam and Eve’s sin? Maybe we could examine the first murder in Genesis 4. These are all great studies. The pictures and lessons God placed in Genesis, chapters 1 through 11, are the foundation for our Christian faith and some of my favorite lessons to teach. But for this series, I would like to begin later in the history of Israel, focusing upon the miracles they witnessed during their wilderness journey.

Here are some of the miracles we will see:        The Red Sea Crossing
                                                                        The healed water
                                                                        Bread from heaven
                                                                        Water from a rock

Stay tuned, each Sunday morning will bring a new lesson on: Miracles in the Wilderness – God’s Character Revealed.


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