ARCHANGELS - A Story of The Incarnation - Part 1

The silver mist dissipated as I soared through the barrier between the second and third heavens. “Ahh, there it is,” I whispered. “Home.” Ivory Palace gleamed with the presence of the Almighty who lights all Heaven. The translucent gold of Glory Street reflected on the Trees of Life, and together with the rippling flow of the river, they soothed my weariness.

In the distance, I spied my armor room, and my heart sank. I’d been on Earth with the angel troops and guarding Israel for what seemed eons. But being back made me long for the days before Lucifer’s or rather Satan’s rebellion. “Water under the bridge, Michael,” I said, swooping onto the threshold of the Ivory Palace.

My wings folded neatly in place as the mammoth doors swooshed open. “Angels,” I said, greeting those in attendance.

 “Chief Prince Michael, Sir,” said senior angel Gordon. “To what do we owe this honor? We weren’t expecting you this soon.”

“The LORD summoned me.”

“Of course, Sir.”

“Gordon, walk with me.” Entering the long hall, Gordon briefed me on the state of Heaven, and nearing the throne room, the sentries came to attention. I paused, straightened my armor, and as I nodded for the opening, I realized many palace angels had followed.

The doors opened, and my breath caught under the weight of God’s holiness. As I stepped forward, serenity enveloped me, and the sweet, endless worship of the seraphim and cherubim burst through my being. I dropped to my knees before the Shekinah Glory and said, “How may I please you, Sovereign LORD?”

Out of the blinding light, the Almighty said, “Michael, it’s time.”


“Yes, time is now at its fullness. The plan we fashioned before laying the foundation must come to fruition and be played out on Earth’s scene.”

Standing to my feet, I sighed. “Most High, I wish I understood this plan of yours. But, from the little I do comprehend, it doesn’t seem like a good idea.”

“We know, Michael. We’ve watched you and the other angels search the hints and clues we built into it. But when the plan is complete, you’ll understand. For now, trust me.”

“Of course, Sire,” I said, bowing. “You know all. Is he in agreement?”

“Yes. Remember, there is nothing done without him. We made this plan together. It was his choice.”

I nodded in compliance. “I am your servant, Majesty. Your desire is always my command.”



Out of the glorious light, a man dressed in radiant white linen strolled forward. “I’m ready, Michael.”

I bowed low before the Son, the Word of creation. “Master,” I said. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. I rejoice for this moment in time.”

“You do?”


“But Sir, may I speak?”

“Speak your peace, Michael.”

“Lord, this is what the humans call crazy and insane. Why would you choose to do this? Why would you choose to leave the palace and all your glory just to clothe yourself with what? Humanity? I know I don’t grasp or even pretend to understand the plan you established before I was created, but please reconsider. We need you here.”

“Michael,” said the Son emanating love. “They need me more.”


Gabriel squeezed through the crowd of angels gathered at throne room doors, diverting our attention. As he entered, he, too, bowed low. “Ahh, Gabriel,” said the Lord. “Are you prepared with the announcement?”

“I am, Sire. But, are we sure about this?”

“Gabriel, think about what you are asking. You know we never plan and not bring it to pass.”

“It’s no use, Gabriel,” I said. “I’ve already made all the arguments, and He’s settled. This thing is going to happen. I just hope I can contain it without enemy forces being alerted.”

“Michael,” said the Son. “We’ve given you and Gabriel everything you need to do your jobs and do them well. You are the guardian archangel. Gabriel is my messenger. All will unfold according to plan.” 

“But Lord,” I said. “Earth is a battleground and not just in the spiritual dimension. The enemy uses the humans, and some are vile.”

“Yes, they are,” said Gabriel. “I’ve seen it too.” 

"And this, my faithful archangels, is why they need me."

         (To be continued…)          



  1. Hanging on every word. I can imagine these conversations and how it stirred my soul. I love your writing Anita.

    1. Oh my, you have no idea how much I needed to hear your words. Thank you so much. I hope you enjoyed part 2 as well.

      My plan, should the Lord allow, is for this story to be included in a book series titled Archangels. I have finished book 1 which begins with Lucifer/Satan developing pride and ends with his fall. (I'm praying someone will choose to publish it.) Book 2 will begin with Satan on earth and continue through the Old Testament. The Story of The Incarnation will be included in book 3.

      Thanks again for your comment and for reading it! Have a blessed and very Merry Christmas!


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