ARCHANGELS – A Story of The Incarnation – Part 2


    Gordon kept the throne room doors open on the off chance I might need him. Our voices had echoed down the long hall and into the palace great room. More angels heard the commotion, and word spread throughout Heaven. Now, angels of every rank crowded the doorway and began spilling into the throne room.

Even Randall, my armor room supervisor, had made his way to the front and stood alongside Gordon. Eyes gleamed, and smiles exploded when the angels grasped the reason for the gathering. The Sovereign LORD was about to reveal his mysterious plan hidden since before the foundation of the world.

For this moment all Heaven had waited. The angels couldn’t contain themselves, and they rushed in. But the frontrunners braked, and the others plowed into them when they learned God, the Son, would be leaving. The throne room became like a theater audience before a show. Chatter and indistinguishable words filled the air as they, too, tried to dissuade him.

“Enough,” boomed the Almighty. “It’s done.”

Silence struck, and it only broke when the Son said, “Gabriel, you first. Michael and I will follow.”

My eyes met Randall’s, and I nodded adieu. In a flash, we were gone.


The angels seemed frozen in place. This was unthinkable. Gabriel and I had been away before for extended times. And from time-to-time God, the Son had allowed humans to see his appearance as the Angel of the LORD, yet, never had our Three-in-One God separated even for an Earth millisecond.

All angels understood the Most High’s three distinct personalities yet being One in essence. Still, we had no idea a separation of the Godhead was possible or why the Almighty would have chosen this way.

Heaven hadn’t seen such upheaval since Lucifer fell. And from our limited understanding, this was infinitely worse.

As the angels thawed, questions swirled, and finally, the depth of the moment grasped them. Heaven felt strange—incomplete without God, the Son. An emptiness inside enveloped them, and they longed for him like a lost love.


Out of His Shekinah Glory, the Most High spoke. “Angels,” he said. “Do not fret. We are still Three-in-One. Remember, I do not change. When Our plan is complete, you will understand. But for now, Heaven’s work doesn’t stop. There is much to do, and big days are ahead. So please, return to your duties and continue preparation.”

Each bowed low before the Almighty and shuffled down the long hall.


Seconds later, Gabriel stood before a humble, teenage virgin named Mary, betrothed to Joseph, an honorable young carpenter. Both resided in the dusty little town of Nazareth in Galilee—one of many small villages where a traveler journeying on the Roman Road headed to or from Jerusalem could stop to refresh themselves, though few did.

Never would I have chosen Nazareth for this King of the Universe. I felt as though a Boa squeezed my chest, and I couldn’t breathe. God, the Son, was under my care and guardianship in this undesirable place. Why are we here? Shouldn’t we be in Jerusalem—a city fit for a king? And what does any of this have to do with Mary?

The Lord laid His hand on my shoulder, and our eyes united. “Michael,” he said, “it’ll be fine. You’ll see.”


As Gabriel readied himself to speak, he illuminated, and Mary glowed. “You will conceive a son,” he said, “before you and Joseph come together as husband and wife.” What? “He will be king over the house of Jacob and sit on the throne of his ancestor, King David. He will be your seed.” Wait, I remember those words from the Garden of Eden—Almighty God spoke them.

“In His humanity,” Gabriel said, “you shall call him Jesus, but in reality, He is the Son of God.”

Mary seemed as puzzled as I was. “Nothing is impossible with God,” Gabriel said, and instantly, she calmed. But I didn’t. Women here were beaten or stoned to death if they became pregnant before marriage—a vicious and brutal practice. I wanted to stop it or at least ask why, but yet again, I felt the Lord’s hand, and this time he imparted wisdom.

I can’t say I fully understand why God would want to become flesh because pregnancy could put this young virgin and him in great danger. Still, her face reflected no fear, just humility, and peace.

As Mary bowed her head and accepted Gabriel’s message from God, the Father, undetectable to her human eyes, God, the Son, stood ready. “Michael, guard us well,” the Lord commanded.

“I will, Sir.”

When God’s Holy Spirit fell upon Mary, and the power of the Highest overshadowed her, God, the Son, stepped into her womb. And I, Michael, sword drawn—ready to crush any attack, stood guard.



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